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Tres Parisian Chic in The Rocks!
Once occupied by convicts, rowdy sailors and Australia’s first settlers The Rocks is the historical heart of Sydney. Fast-forward two decades and it has been transformed into a style precinct. Who would have thought a one time shippingport would now host some of Sydney’s best restaurants? Amongst them is a new French addition, Baroque Bistro, the latest destination for Secret Foodies.

Berets were optional but masks were definitely on the agenda for Secret Foodies #7.  This was an intimate affair of 14 guests…ok 15 if we include Gerard Deperdieu (the cardboard cutout).


Sipping Plum Pisco Sour cocktails on arrival, foodies quickly got to know each other. It was clear early in the evening we were among food lovers as, spoilt with choice; everyone struggled to select their entrée and main. Baroque offers a menu of fresh and authentic French cuisine with a modern flare…no frogs legs or snails in sight!

Food envy was in the air as our entrees arrived. The Salad of butternut pumpkin, hazelnuts, cheese and mushroom ash was a popular choice. Others were a little more adventurous with the Boudin of prawns, spinach cream, shellfish corn broth that looked more like a sausage than anything from the sea.

Pig was popular amongst mains with a special head to toe dish that foodies appeared to enjoy. For others it was the seared scallops, roast cailiflower, Jerusalem, artichoke and truffle gastrique that hit the spot. With sides to compliment the varying mains no one was left hungry.

Of course there is always room for desert, especially with 4 large platters of sample deserts came straight from the patisserie. Luckily we had all made friends by this point and a ‘try a bit of each’ policy was mutually accepted.


As we finished nibbling macaroons Head Chef, Peter Robertson stepped out of the kitchen share his food philosophy and passion for sourcing local produce from sustainable suppliers. The rest of the team was also very knowledgeable and made us feel very welcome. It’s obvious Baroque has managed to secure an experienced and passionate team.


Baroque has a relaxed yet chic ambience. The raw brick walls mixed with modern finished creates character. Of course a secret dinner in The Rocks wouldn’t be complete without views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. But when you’re sitting around a table for fellow foodies and making new friends, who has time for sight seeing?

Final Word

Overall I had a fantastic evening. The butternut pumpkin salad for entrée was delightful. The seared scallops were delicious though I found the potato a rather heavy addition to an otherwise light and flavorsome dish. It’s no secret I’m a sweet-toothed foodie and my favourite part of the meal was the assorted desert tasting plate and the salted caramel macaron. As always, the best part of my night was meeting new foodie friends I look forward to dining with again soon.

But enough about what I thought…let’s hear what our foodies had to say.

Baroque Bistro
88 George Street (corner of Hickson Road)
The Rocks Sydney, NSW, Australia
(02) 9241 4811

Mon-Fri: Lunch: 12 – 3pm
Dinner 6 – 10pm
Patisserie menu 12 – late
Lunch 12 – 3pm
Dinner 6 – 10pm
Patisserie menu 12 – late
Lunch 12 – 3pm
Dinner Closed
Patisserie menu 12 – 4.30pm
  1. Karl Melrose
    All in all an enjoyable meal, excellent service from the wait staff and the sommelier was really on his game, steering me in the direction first of a Pinot Noir that drank like a full cab sauv (exactly what I asked for) and then back to a second Pinot Noir when the latter parts of the evening demanded something more subtle.
    The name of the game on the food menu was combinations, the subtleties of the menu were not immediately apparent during the first mouthful and really needed to be sampled in combination with find the real sweet spot.
    The Boudin of prawns lacked the intensity of some of it’s traditionally spicier Cajun counterparts – although this could also be down to the intensity of the EXCELLENT, anything but subtle Pisco Sour cocktails supplied beforehand.
    All in all the Boudin was light and subtle with a VERY subtle lift given by the spinach cream and shellfish corn broth, and while it lacked intensity it delivered an enjoyable starter only diminished slightly when I found an only half shelled prawn half way through. This boudin appeared to lack the intensity of some of it’s traditional Cajun counterparts so be prepared for a taste that really needs to be savored slowly to get the most out of it. The lack of perceived intensity could also have been light in comparison the excellent and extremely intense Pisco Sour that I was treated to immediately prior.
    The nose to tail thursday night special required some care to experience the full flavor and was only to be fully enjoyed when mouthfuls were combined with the mesculin lettuce and light french dressing. The gentle acidity of the dressing providing everything needed to bring out the full flavor of a dish that was excellently put together and thoroughly enjoyable – even if difficult to enjoy gracefully.
    The desserts were a joy. Nothing more need be said. Sample them all. I did.
    All in all an excellent night in great company, i score Baroque 3.5/5 – good to very good without knocking my socks off.
  2. Karl, I would have to agree with your opinion about the Boudin of prawns lacked the intensity. Not being a connoisseur on the French cuisine I think I just happened to picked the incorrect entree as my eyes were in envy of the other entrees that sat around me.
    For my main I had the ‘nose to tail’, which was a delightful blend of rich full flavours and matched with a fantastic Chardonnay picked by the greatly helpful sommelier. Dessert.. ahhhhhhh a taste of everything they had to offer – This was by far my favourite part of the night!
    Service- Waitstaff great. Ambience – The crowd was a mix of tourists and local foodies which was nice to see. Location definitly added some points to my overall rating.
    Overall 3.8/5 – With the exception to the desserts, wine and location being excellent!
  3. last time i visited i was too full to have any desserts but really want to next time. :-)
  4. Jenni Cubis
    It was bad luck you guys didn’t order the “seared scallops, roast cailiflower, Jerusalem, artichoke and truffle gastrique”. It’s not often I go over an 8, but I’d give that dish 9.5/10. It was AMAZING! And a generous sized portion too.
    If I had to say anything could be improved, although it was a nice place, it was very brightly lit and needed a bit more intimacy and warmth for a dinner venue. Would be great for long lunches though.
  5. What is it about the French that they have this weird ability to make everything so god damn sexy? The hot wine waiter, the mouth watering macaroons, even the plat du jour NTT… Which we found out meant Nose to tail – only the French could have an ability to turn any single part of an animal into something scrumptious. Baroque Bistro absolutely delivered a great Frenchie experience, a great night and some gorgeous company too. x
  6. Amazing! this was my first Secret Foodies event and I must say I loved everything from the concept to the food to the company. I loved the excitement of not knowing where I was going until 30mins before I arrived and I loved that it was Baroque Bistro as I had never been to this restaurant before but had heard a lot about it! It was a very engaging experience where I learnt alot about the history of the restauarant and food as well as met new french friends!!!
    Thanks again Miss Darlinghurst!
  7. ooh this looks fantastic. Just found secret foodies and seems like such fun! Count me in next time
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