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Hola Amigos, Secret Foodies hits Sydney’s Eastern suburbs for a Mexican Fiesta! Follow the red brick wall and walk past the yellow door, up the stairs and enter Cafe Pacifico a classic Mexican food destination and must-try Sydney experience. You’ll be taken away to a fun filled land of loud music, sizzling hot plates and a long tequila lined bar. When you hear the barman ring the bell be sure to race up and take your shot of tequila!

Well known for its lively atmosphere and impressive array of tequila our Foodies were not disappointed and Café Pacifico certainly upheld its reputation, the place was alive and buzzing. In between stuffing tortillas and nibbling nachos our Foodies were invited to engage in a mini margarita-making lesson with sombrero wearing owner, Phil Bayly. The shaking and pouring practice paid off with some tasty creations.

With over 90 unique types of tequila on offer you’d expect a few cheeky shots to be had. Thankfully we only had one allergic reaction to the chili tequila. One poor Foodie couldn’t stop sneezing and had a temporary lip enhancement a-la Mick Jagger!
You won’t find traditional, authentic Mexican at Café Pacifico. What they lack in traditional style food they make up in fresh produce and a night full of fun. It’s a great place for large groups, parties and you’re sure to make some new friends along the way.

Being in the heart of Darlinghurst you’re a stones throw away from lots of great bars to kick on the night. Alternatively, stick around until the late hours at Cafe Pacifico, you’re sure to find a few foodies to entertain you with their dance moves on the bar (we won’t name and names-but they are fabulous)!

I certainly had a brilliant night and met some fantastic people but enough about what I think, here’s what our Foodies thought.

xxMs Darlinghurst

Cafe Pacifico 02 9360 3811 
95 Riley St, Darlinghurst/East Sydney
Open Tues-Saturday from 6pm
  1. Matt, Paddington
    Great evening Ms D. Fantastic food, unbelievable margaritas and amazing atmosphere. I’ve never been to Cafe Pacifico before but i’ve already taken other friends there since, loved it!
    Don’t think I’ve met so many awesome people in one evening since coming to Sydney.
    Can’t wait for the next event!!!!
  2. Tara - Potts Point
    Food was very fresh; tasty and plentiful – certainly value for money! The margarita making lesson was great fun. Venue was very vibey and whilst it was pretty loud had a great feel. Great place for groups. Lots of fun!
  3. Gen - Elizabeth Bay
    Had a great evening – the food wasn’t amazing but there was plenty of it and the atmosphere more than made up for it. The tequila shots with tomato/chilli chasers were awesome! For people who want somewhere raucous and rowdy where dancing on the bar is not only acceptable but actively encouraged – this is the place for you!
  4. Lou - Glebe
    I haven’t been to Cafe Pacifico for many years but it was great to go back and re-live my younger tequila drinking days. The hang-over seemed a lot worse than I remember, but it was all worth it! The food could have been a bit faster and tasted a tad better, but it definitely did the job. You truly couldn’t beat the atmosphere – funky staff, bar top dancing and some of those cringe worthy flash-backs we all love. . . Girl’s Just Wanna Have Funnn! Awesome night!
  5. Xavier - Vaucluse
    Get a big table for someone’s birthday and DO NOT go for a romantic dinner. Don’t drive, its a fun place to drink. Many of the partons are easy on the eyes also, let it be known!!!
  6. Stephen
    Food was great – plenty of variety – lots of different beers and a Tequila drinkers heaven – Truly Mexican – Good venue for a party or work drinks – can get too loud, but what do you expect on Friday night -
  7. What an awesome idea! It was such a great night and so well organised. I loved it and I will definitely be doing it again.
    I loved the choice of restaurant and it is great for place for big groups and the choice of food is amazing.
  8. Ms. Darlinghurst…. what an awesome night! How lovely were those margaritas… yum! It was so nice meeting a bunch of great people that love to eat out and fun great restaurants too! I can’t wait to go to your future ones too!
    Alicia fr. foodwinesleep crew
  9. Megan-Surry Hills
    It has a great atmosphere and is really good for drinks. I liked the concept of making your own margaritas. I thought the food was a little over priced for mexican and not the best mexican I have had.
  10. liv
    What a crazy, fun night, one tequila, two tequila, three tequila more! Loved the margarita making session with the owner, and the crowd Ms Darlinghurst gathered the only let down was the food which was terrible. It was great experiencing this venue that so many people on the east are always talking about though.
Cafe Pacifico