Clean Living Dinner

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Clean Living Dinner

An evening of epicurean delights, inspiring company and good clean fun!

Secret Foodies had it's first alcohol free event since starting five years ago with a special Clean Living Dinner. Inspired by Flow Athletic's 30 Day Clean Challenge (30 days with no alcohol, caffine, processed food, unnatural sugars) we hosted a special dinner applying this challenge to our meal.

Muse Studio in Surry Hills was the perfect place for an inspiring evening. One long table ran through the gallery on level one with artwork hanging from the walls. As guests arrived they were given refreshing H2Coco Coconut Water and Pressed Juice

A feast on delicious dishes, seasonal produce and ingredients that were all on the approved challenge list proceeded with a menu designed by Attila Yalmez from Pazar Food Collective He proved that healthy food can still be full of flavour!

To inspire us during the evening arranged some motivating speakers to join us for dinner including Sally O'Neil (The Fit Foodie), and Sarah Cole.

It was an evening of epicurean delights, inspiring company and good clean fun!

Here's what we ate:
Clean Living Menu
Roast Beetroot, Cumin, Labne dip topped with Greek Feta and Toasted Walnuts Served with Carrot/Celery sticks

Smoked Labne | Chiltepil salsa of Pepitas, sesame seeds & dried chili

Red Lentil | Burghul Kofte | Ice Berg Lettuce | Sumac Yoghurt (Turkish vegetarian version of Korean Ssam lettuce wrap)

Olive Oil Braised Eggplant | Red Pepper Organic Tomato Sauce

Mexican Watermelon Salad | Chili Lime Dressing | Oaxacan Cheese (Haloumi style cheese made the same way)

Slow Braised Cowboy Pinto Beans | Roasted Chili | Poached Egg

Shepherds Salad | Organic Vegetables | Herbs | Wild Oregano | Pomegranate Dressing

Wood Oven Smoked Lamb Shoulder served on Organic Burgul Pilav | Mexican Hominy Corn | Chic Peas 

Wood Oven Baked Apples | Ras El Hanout Spice | Berry Coulis
Clean Living Dinner