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East Village Hotel

Walking through the streets of Darlinghurst it is hard to believe this trendy suburb was once filled with razor carrying gangs, bloody street fights and buzzing brothels. In the heart of ‘Razorhurst’ was the Tradesmans Arms or as we now know it, The East Village Hotel, the latest destination for Secret Foodies.

The Village may look like a sophisticated and relaxed place for a Friday night dinner but almost a century ago it was a bloodhouse and brothel run by “the most ruthless woman in Sydney”, Matilda (Tilley) Devine.

Now decorated in sleek, sexy décor and frequented by friendly, eastern suburbs locals The Village was once home to clientele including prostitutes, pimps, pickpockets, muggers, bookies and drug dealers. Luckily none of whom  joined us for dinner. Though with 42 guests and the largest Secret Foodies ever, anything was possible!

Upon arrival guests were not met with razor gangs but a delightful cocktail with ingredients including Kettle One vodka, guava juice and rose water created especially for the event and named the Kettle Rose.

After a quick introduction it was time to begin the three-course meal.


For entrée the first dish was organic scotch egg, black pudding, porkrillette cakeand whisky hollandaise. This dish caused quite a stir, one guest squealed with excitement over the flavours of her egg while another guest squealed as hers exploded into her lap!
According to Head Chef, Adam Spencer there is always one person that gets an exploding egg. A drink in hand our egg coated guest said it was the highlight of her night!
Those who weren’t dodging eggs were eating butternut pumpkin gnocchi with salsa verde and burnt butter. This flavoursome dish left us all delightfully anticipating the main course.


Mains arrived soon after with the roast blue eye trevella with charred corn mousse, braised shallot and pork crackling and the Char grilled Stockyard rib eye, roasted bone marrow and horseradish ketchup. I had the fish though tried the meat dish and was left guarding my breath all night from the powerful horseradish.

My fish was perfectly cooked and I enjoyed every mouthful. The pork crackling on top was an unusual finish. Certainly different, though I don’t think it added to the dish in any way.

The desert was incredible. Adams experimentation with flavours is commendable. Mixing popcorn, peanut butter and caramelized banana together to create a trifle was delicious. As was the warm sticky toffee chocolate brownie, date puree and creme fraiche sorbet.

Adam Spencer

After desert Adam Spencer joined our guests to answer our foodie-fuelled questions.
Adam Spencer started his career at the Savoy in London at 18, he has worked in 5 star boutique hotels and was previously at the Australian Youth Hotel in Glebe. He describes his cooking style as simple, rustic gastro pub food served with finess. He uses fresh produce and is not one for fancy exploits.

I thought the food at The Village Hotel was delicious and they had a good selection of wine to match. Adam was delightful so were the undercover foodies.
But enough about what I think lets see what our foodies had to say…

xxMs Darlinghurst

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