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Flinders Inn

Running like Clockwork guests arrived one by one to the orange door on Flinders St, Paddington. Stepping off the busy street and into Flinders Inn they had arrived at the latest destination for Secret Foodies 12.


In France, bistro may imply a more casual dining experience than you’ll have at Flinders Inn. But don’t let the crisp white table clothes be deceiving. The casual bar as you enter the restaurant and daily specials written in red lipstick on the mirrors is proof this is a relaxed locale. Sipping Peach Bellini’s on arrival guests took their seats and were soon fitting their masks.


As guests got to know each other the aromas from the kitchen were beginning to tease. If the canapé of Kingfish Cru, Horseradish, Black Salt, Sorrel, Lime was anything to go by I was confident we were in for a flavoursome evening. Fresh ingredients with the right amount of salt and seasoning for my palette, I could have easily had this as a larger entree.


For my entree I had the Smoked King Salmon, Tomatoes Essence, Basil. The salmon is smoked on site and was cooked to perfection. My flat mate has a fear of over cooked fish (rightly so). This fish certainly wasn’t going back to the kitchen. For those who didn’t eat seafood it was Lentils, Carrot, Labne, Smoked Beets. Beautifully presented, this dish looked amazing. I’m eager to know how it tasted and look forward to reading other peoples comments.


For mains we had an alternate drop of two signature dishes (I was sure to make friends with my neighbour so I could try both). Placed in front of me was the Duck Leg Confit, Soft Maize, Broad Beans, Ginger Sauce. The duck was slightly crispy on the outside and fell apart into rich tender pieces on the inside. Delicious. I found the soft maize a little bland and had there not been enough juices from the duck it would have stuck to the roof of my mouth.

Duck leg confit, soft maize, broad beans, ginger sauce
My neighbour had the Flinder’s Pork Belly Cassoulet. I’m usually not a big pork eater but that crackling taste like Christmas. I felt as though I was back home at Christmas lunch with my family eating my mothers pork crackling. It’s amazing when food evokes such warm memories. I encourage all to try the pork belly.

For our non red meat eaters there was the Prawn risotto that looked light and fluffy. I look forward to hearing the reviews from our Secret Foodies on that dish. Accompanying our mains we had Pomme fries and Mixed leaf salad. Damn those fries! They were so good. Too good.


Not that I can complain about eating too many fries when I took sheer delight in sampling both delectable deserts presented. On the menu this desert is labeled simply Nutella. Memories of a giant jar of nutella, cartoons after school and me and my little brother fighting over who’s turn it was to dip their spoon springs to mind. Fortunately I was amongst grown ups and nutella fights were minimal. The ‘grown-up’ version is far more delightful, with a fluffy chocolate mouse on bottom and crunchy rich chocolate on top.

Whilst the nutella hit the spot for chocolate fiends it was the Honey & Lavender Parfait, Poached Pears with Lavender Salt that intrigued me. I used to be that kid at birthday parties who’d eat salt and vinegar chips and chocolate together so this sweet/salty desert was a hit for me!

During desert Morgan was gracious enough to take time out of the kitchen and share his passion for food and a bit about his unique background.

It’s not often you hear passionate details of rich, delectable flavours and mouth watering food in the same sentence as the word model. Perhaps that is because you haven’t met Morgan McGlone, Head Chef/Owner of Flinders Inn. Most chef’s have a few interesting stories to tell but Morgan could keep you enthralled for hours with what he’s done.

Coming from a family of chefs he’s worked at some of Sydney’s best restaurants including Summit and CBD . He also worked at Salt with Luke Mangan before jet setting to New York where he worked as a personal chef. Being flown to Pairs, London, Cuba and the Bahamas to cook amazing food for people is not a bad gig, not sure I’d trade that for scouting models (then again I’m not a red-blooded male). Before returning to Australia Morgan was a model talent broker and got a taste of the fashion world.

Thankfully Morgan McGlone returned to Sydney and for those of you who dare peak through the orange door, you’re sure in for treat. Inside you’ll find fantastic service, a warm ambience and simple yet elegant French cuisine.
Flinders Inn