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Sydney’s Best Kept Secret
Not far from the Apple store on George St in the heart of Sydney is a small laneway tucked between R.M Williams and the Oakley store. You’ve probably walked past it hundreds of times and not looked twice. This lane isn’t even listed on Google maps. It may be obscure and unknown for most but it’s about to become the local precinct for in-the-know city dwellers.Take the time to walk down this sketchy looking alleyway, past a delivery van and dumpster and you’ll find Grasshopper, Sydney’s latest small bar and restaurant.

Don’t let the milk crates put you off, once inside the split level venue is full of suits and business people unwinding with drinks in a casual yet sophisticated space. In fact, the stark contrast of designer suited men sitting on milk crates with recycled jam glasses full of beer is a refreshing twist to the cliché bar scene in Sydney’s CBD.

Grasshopper opened just six weeks ago and is already maintaining a regular crowd of locals and attracting curious explorers. This Secret Foodies event was a more intimate affair with a table of 12 guests. Arriving at 7pm the organic cocktail list and broad selection of wine kept Foodies busy in the downstairs bar whilst others took a little longer finding the surprise venue.

We were shown to our table by Belinda, one of the owners and after introductions our Foodies began perusing the set menu. We had a choice of three entrees and mains and two deserts. The biggest challenge was picking just one of each!

Belinda gave the group a brief history of the venue and the concept behind Grasshopper. As she explained Surry Hills, Darlinghurst and other suburbs all have their ‘local’ but when you live in the CBD (as she and her partner do) there isn’t really anywhere to go that has a relaxed atmosphere and good wholesome food.

Grasshopper aims to use organic and locally sourced produce whenever possible and even have a selection of organic wines. Head chef Richard Duff  reigns from a long foodie background having worked in London, Melbourne and now Sydney.
The menu is kept simple and only adds to the surprise of what will be placed in front of you. Large portions, beautiful presentation and enticing aromas will leave you gushing for the next course.

Grasshopper is open from 12pm-1am daily for lunch and dinner. I recommend this place for client lunches during the week, after work drinks and more intimate dinners with close friends who appreciate amazing food.

But enough about what I thought, check out what our Foodies had to say.

xxMs Darlinghurst
  1. The steak was unbelievable. UNBELIEVEABLY GOOD.
    Shame you could only get one type of beer (peroni) that I felt was a little over priced. And also – we could only get bread on the table at $2 per head?
    Overall. EAT HERE.
  2. Emma-Pyrmont
    A fabulous find – well hidden yet a buzz of energy inside. The Mackeral was fantastic although the service was slow to recognise an empty glass of wine.
  3. Megan-Surry Hills
    Grasshopper is a great spot in the city for dinner after work or drinks down stairs. The food was really nice especially the duck salad and steak.
    The only criticism is it was slow in between meals and also the staff were slow to see an empty glass of wine!
  4. Lauren Rullis
    GH food was amazing! My favourite was the duck salad with the surprise pate… a must have. Followed by the lamb as a main cooked three ways. The atmosphere was warm and relaxing while down stairs was buzzing…
    There was a bit of confusion about the wine and as the others mentioned above the service was too slow. Something that is easy to improve on.
    I would definitely go back for seconds… xx
  5. great to see what they’re serving. i did a quick check out on friday night. certainly the most Melbourne style laneway entrance bar to happen in Sydney so far :-) reminds me a bit like getting to Croft Institute in Melbourne but not quite as dodgy and scary.
  6. Ms Darlinghurst
    Well I’ve never been to the Croft Institute so I’ll have to take your word for it ;)Let me know what you think of the food if you end up going there for lunch or dinner.
  7. I’m heading here tonight after reading these reviews. I can’t wait!