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Did you say steaaaak? I sure did and not just any old steak, at Mumu Grill we’re talking top of the line organic, 100% grass fed sustainable beef.

The latest destination for Secret Foodies, this was a special occasion marking our first ‘over the bridge’ north-side dinner since inception in April this year.

Owner/Head Chef Craig Macindoe and the team made our north debut a night to remember. Gathering at the front of the restaurant guests met each other over prosecco in the bar. Canapes of Organic Chicken Liver Pate with Shiraz Jelly en Crute went around keeping appetites at bay until the entire party arrived.

Drinks in hand we left the restaurant, leaving regular diners to enjoy their meals while we stepped into our own private dining room next door. Getting to know each other around the table it was obvious everyone had one thing in common, they all loved food. Not so common were some of the bizarre things people had eaten from all over the world. Strange-yes, entertaining-very!


Shortly after taking our seats Craig introduced himself and our menu. The first dish of our 6-course meal was Smashed Broad Beans with Roast Garlic Lemon and Parmesan. I really enjoyed this mix of flavours and the lemon tied the otherwise dry ingredients together nicely. To follow we had Shredded Pork with Asparagus and Tomato Jelly. I can’t seem to get enough of asparagus at the moment so this was a pleasure, as was the presentation. 


The room was full of laughs and chatter as we finished our entrées. Mumu has a great selection of wines and I had the 2009 Kapuka Savingnon Blanc during entrees. I almost let out a little squeal (no pun intended to our porky dinner) when I saw my favourite Hunter Valley winery on the wine list. Pigs Peake produce beautiful, big, bold reds and the 2008 Sangiovese was the perfect accompaniment for the heavier shared mains that were to follow.


The first shared main to arrive was the Roast Organic Suckling Pig with Apple Cole Slaw. I’m not a big pork eater and the small portion I tried tasted a little dry for my liking. I was however obsessed with the deep fried sage leaves sprinkled on top. The apple cole slaw was also delicious and I’m going to try and make both of these at home. (Recipe please Craig…wink wink)

Next we had the Slow Roast Prime Rib of Organic “Red Poll” with Kipfler Pots and Horseradish Cream. Cooked to perfection I found this a deliciously hearty and wholesome dish. The juices through the meat, the tender steak and gorgeous crispy potatoes were all note worthy.

It’s amazing how much protein you can eat without feeling full, compared to other carb rich cuisines such as Italian. I certainly had room for the Pressed Lamb Shank with Smoked Eggplant Purée, Rocket and Middle Eastern Tomato Chutney. This was my favourite dish of the three mains. A unique presentation of lamb shank I wasn’t expecting. The smoked eggplant puree carried me away from the steak house and for a moment I was dining in a traditional Lebanese restaurant perhaps?


I have heard about the infamous Brown Sugar Pavlova with Pineapple and Passion Fruit Sauce at Mumu Grill and finally I can tick it off my food list. Believe all the rumors, it’s true. This is a fabulous dish. Even if you’re not a pavlova fiend it’s a must try. Let the meringue dissolve in your mouth and you’re left with a cream candy on your tongue. YUM!

The Mumu Way

While devouring the pavlova Craig jumped out of the kitchen and took the time to answer a few foodie questions. Mumu Grill is Sydney’s only sustainable steak house. A social character, Craig was inspired to enter the culinary world to compliment his love of meeting and interacting with people. Craig is heavily involved in the foodie community and hosts many food events and cooking classes.

I think Mumu Grill is a great venue, in a growing foodie destination. It’s the perfect place for a casual lunch, dinner or for a private event. But enough about what I think, let’s hear what our foodies had to say…
Mumu Grill