Progressive Dinner at The Eastern

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Progressive Dinner at The Eastern

Last night Secret Foodies hosted their first progressive dinner at the newly renovated, Eastern Hotel in Bondi. At this unique style event each guest took a trip around the world and dined at 4 different restaurants without ever leaving the building.

As guests arrived they were greeted on the ground floor of  The Eastern and walked in to discover their first stop of the evening, The Publican. Everyone started to mingle and get to know each other. We tasted the rebirth of the ‘jaffle’ and snacked on mixed boards with pickled eggs, onions, roast nuts and jerky whilst sipping on craft cider, beer or wine in this circa 1930s inspired restaurant.

Next stop was Chimmi’s. All it took was two flights of stairs and we walked in to a South American funhouse and rum cantina. Guests dined on retro style furniture as they drunk their salted donkey cocktails. Nothing says South America like good Empanadas, filled with slow cooked lamb, baked instead of fried. This was street food like no other.

Opa! It was time to go to a completely different country and try a modern style menu with heavy Greek influences at Anatoli. Lovers of Mediterranean food were in for a treat. More wine was served as guests took their seats and waited for the array of dishes to be served. We ate eggplant, tzatziki and taramasalata mezethes with grilled pita, lamb and pine nut koupes, Swiss chard broken pie with goats curd, tomato and spinach, baby squid with cucumber, chickpeas and yoghurt and baby chicken with lemon, garlic and oregano.

By this time everyone was feeling very satisfied but also very eager to see what country we would dine in next.

Ola! Our last stop of the evening was at El Topo. The first thing we saw was a wall of candlelit black skulls as we walked through the restaurant. Everyone settled in as we anticipated what Mexican style dessert would be served. First came out a tequila, soda and frangipani flavored cocktail as a little nightcap for the evening.

Three dessert options were served, which consisted of warm poached pears with custard, agave caramel, macadamia, banana and tonka bean ice cream, warm chocolate and chipotle cake with strawberry soup, burnt milk ice cream and chickpeas. Last but not least was a smashed flan of coconut, chocolate hazelnut and goats milk caramel.

It was a successful night for our first Secret Foodies progressive dinner. Guests continued to mingle and chat, and I’m sure walked away with a new friend or two.
Progressive Dinner at The Eastern