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Searock Fish Cafe

Sometimes we get so caught up in our local bubble we forget to look beyond the boundaries of our zip code. Even Ms Darlinghurst gets a little too comfortable with her beloved 2010 and regularly on the hunt for the next underground restaurant to emerge. But every-now-and-then it’s worth exploring the more obvious destinations and you’ll be surprised what you find along the way. Circular Quay is iconic Sydney and home to tourists, seagulls and suits catching the 6pm ferry. It also houses Searock Fish Café a little secret gem worth sharing.

Having opened in June 2010 Searock specializing in relaxed and casual dining. As the name suggests you’ll find a menu offering fresh ocean catch. There is seating outside along the wharf and it’s a great place to sit back and relax with harbour views of ships setting sail. For our Secret Foodies though it’s all about the private dining room, attached to the main restaurant.

It could easily be mistaken for the dining room of someone’s sexy beach house. The tea-candles sitting in sand filled vases, white starfish on the tables and the light wooden frames holding an array of wines.

Choice of Canadian scallops with prosciutto and rosemary
Chefs Richard and Allen are both avid fisherman and although the evenings meal was fresh from the ocean they couldn’t take credit for reeling it in. We can give them kudos for presenting some delicious options for our foodies however.

Queensland prawns with truss tomato and avocado
For entrée’s we had the choice of Canadian scallops with prosciutto and rosemary or Queensland prawns with truss tomato and avocado. I opted for the scallops which were soft and the prusciutto was nice and crispy. The bean salad on the side was a little odd but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

The prawn entrée looked good, I liked the presentation of the tomato. It was a very small entrée though with essentially four cocktail shrimp in a carved out tomato. If I had selected this dish I think I would have been disappointed. I look forward to hearing from our foodies how it tasted.

Slow cooked ocean trout with cauliflower puree, white asparagus and black truffle
For mains I chose the slow cooked ocean trout with cauliflower puree, white asparagus and black truffle. My trout was soft and slid away in delicious layers. It was a large piece and dominated the flavours on the plate. I liked the cauliflower puree and white asparagus. I was really excited when I saw black truffle on the menu and would have enjoyed a little more to enhance the flavours.

Slow braised pork belly with lobster medallion, fondant potato and caramelized apple
The other option was the slow braised pork belly. It looked good, I’ll have to wait and see what our foodies thought who ordered this main.

Dessert was a simple vanilla bean gelato with raspberry coulis. The gelato was light and fluffy and I liked the mint in the raspberry coulis. It was a nice light finish to the end of the meal and left me walking away pleasantly satisfied.

Searock changes their menu seasonally to support sustainable produce. Wherever possible they use sustainable, organic and local suppliers. The wait staff are friendly and attentive. Whilst Searock may not win any awards for innovation and daring dishes they offer fresh and simple cuisine in an amazing surrounding.
Searock Fish Cafe