Secret Roof-top Picnic

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Secret Roof-top Picnic

We all have a secret, something we keep to ourselves, bite our bottom lip and try not to spill. Then maybe one day you tell someone the secret and they promise not to tell anyone. But they’re only human and so they tell someone, who then tells someone else. Before you know it your secret is out and you can’t call it a ‘secret’ any longer. So since no one is really good at keeping secrets anyway we decided to spill the beans about a secret rooftop in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Don’t be crazy, we’re not going to tell you where it is, only a select few who came to the Secret Rooftop Picnic on Saturday will know about that. But we can tell you about what happened! For in-the-know foodies with a sense of adventure this was no ordinary Saturday night. Arriving at 6pm they were escorted up an old elevator and two flights of stairs. They were greeted with perfect views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge and to the left, the sun was setting behind the city skyline.

Taking a seat on the picnic rugs this was a relaxed affair. Each blanket had a picnic basket full of wine, sparkling water, Smirnoff Vodka and Ocean Spray Cranberry juice and of course…masks! In the middle were flower pots full of ice to keep the drinks cold.

What better place for a gourmet BBQ then a secret rooftop? Who better to cater for the event than the talented Sarah French? Giant king prawns, rosemary spatchcock and wagyu sirloin with herbed caper butter sound slightly more appetising than a sizzling snag on the barbie. They taste better too. No stodgy potato salad was served at this gourmet BBQ, instead a green bean, beetroot and goats cheese salad with orange walnut dressing, quinoa and pumpkin salad and atoshi broccolini.

Grilled haloumi was a treat as were the dinner rolls from Brasserie Bread. None of this white slice sticking to the roof of your mouth. Seeded rolls and olive and rosemary were perfect for catching the delicious dressing from the salads. Some more wine, a gorgeous sunset and fabulous company, the night was still young and heading in the right direction.

No matter how full you are there’s always room for dessert. Salted pineapple cooked on the BBQ and served with gooey caramel and freshly whipped cream. Perhaps read that line again, take a minute and think about it. Yes, it was delicious!

Sure the view was pretty spectacular and the food was great, guests delightful but I bet you weren’t expecting us to put on fireworks at the Opera House.  Yeah we’re pretty awesome like that. Ok…so maybe we’re not that awesome and the fireworks were a surprise, but it was an impressive finish to the night. I guess we’ll just have to keep that as our little secret.
Secret Roof-top Picnic