Secret Warehouse Dinner

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Secret Warehouse Dinner

Tables are set, candles lit, it smells amazing, cue the music, flick the lights. It’s go time.

Standing in the street is a group of curious strangers completely unaware of what they are about to experience. They’ve come alone or in small groups, they love food, good wine and fun company. By the end of the night they’ll all be friends, bound together by one experience.

In the middle of a busy street in Darlinghurst is an unassuming glass door. Through the glass door is an ancient elevator, with a heavy wooden door and springy metal cage securing it’s occupants.

“Good evening and welcome to the Secret Warehouse Experience. Tonight we are taking you to Argentina. Someone please push level 1”.

It’s a short trip but a big transition from the dark and cold foyer to the warm flickering lights, salsa music and alluring smells of cooking as the elevator reaches it’s destination. We pull open the doors and everyone’s eyes light up. White linen tablecloths, shiny wine glasses, steam from cooking pots in the open kitchen and flutes lined with champagne are an unexpected and pleasant welcome.

It takes a few trips to bring everyone to level 1 and for those who weren’t waiting outside at 7.30pm sharp are left with the longest anticipation.

Our good friend Tom Egan is one of three young Aussie guys behind Jed Wines, amazing vino’s imported from Argentina. He’s waiting next to the tall glasses offering the Jed Blanc de Blanc a nice light sparkling to warm up. On the menu this evening is a suite of South American flavours courtesy of our chef Sarah French. Guests start mingling and introducing themselves over marinated olives, tostados with garlic dip and eggplant dip.

Everyone takes their seat and after a warm welcome comes the warm navy bean, coriander and corn chowder with bowls of shredded bacon to add as you please. There’s fresh bread to soak up every last mouthful, slightly more refined than licking the bowl. The Jed Pinot Grigio 2009 compliments the chowder and is the sort of wine you could drink all day, sitting in the sun somewhere far away on the sandy shores of a South American beach…I digress.

For mains we have a banquet of spiced eggplant, sautéed chorizo, drunken chicken in tequila with chimi churri, asado salad and braised green bean and ricotta salad. Everything is fresh, perfectly seasoned and a nice combination. The Jed Malbec causes quite a stir and will no doubt have guests searching bottle shops near and far for their next fix.

You’ve either got it or you don’t. A sweet tooth is something you’re likely to have had since childhood. I know I’ve got it. I’m pleased to see I’m not alone when dessert of churros with dulche de leche, chocolate sauce and fresh strawberries is laid on the tables before us. Dessert can send a group crazy, thankfully no punches were thrown for the last spoonful of creamy caramel, though I wouldn’t be surprised if a riot broke out. Sarah French strikes again.

That’s the world of guerilla dining. One minute you’re in an empty warehouse with no gas or hot water, the next minute you’re in a pop up restaurant with new friends, great food, amazing wine and a memorable evening.
Secret Warehouse Dinner