Spanish Warehouse with Chris Cranswick-Smith

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Spanish Warehouse with Chris Cranswick-Smith

What’s better than spending the night at a Spanish pop-up restaurant? Spending two nights there.

Night two and our chef for this evening is Chris Cranswick-Smith from Surry Hills restaurant, Emmilou.  Prior to opening his restaurant in 2007 Chris spent 5 years crafting his culinary flair in some of Spain’s leading kitchens. His unique style brings a modern twist to traditional Spanish dishes with a focus on fresh, local produce.

Same as the night before with Miguel Maestre, guests arrive at 7pm and gather on Oxford Street with anticipation. Sangria is flowing and guests take their seats in the now buzzing warehouse.

On the tables are spicy almonds, green and black manzanillo olives and jamon. There is also boquerones (anchovies) and potato chips a common match in Spain, the salt from the chips brings out the flavours of the fish.

Next are empanadas and bread with spiced tomato chutney and the Martin Codax Albarino wine to match.

It wouldn’t be fair to have paella one night and not the next so Chris mans the giant pan and creates his paella full of giant prawns, calamari, chorizo, chicken and mussels. The rice is light and fluffy and it looks great! The Cuatro Pasos Rose is placed in tables to match.

Another night in Spain means an extra excuse to indulge in churros con chocolate and Nectar PX Sherry. If only every night tasted this good.

Alas, at the stroke of midnight the pack down of the 2 night only Spanish warehouse restaurant began. Where will Secret Foodies pop-up next? You’ll have to wait and see.

Spanish Warehouse with Chris Cranswick-Smith