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Sharing food and wine in the comfort of your own home with friends is a warm and comforting thought during winter. Translate that into a dining-out experience and what better place than The Corner House.

You may not have to ring a doorbell but this place has a dining room, living room and best of all someone else does the washing up! Now instead of lunching with a group of people you’ve known for years, add a group of delightful strangers and voila you have Secret Foodies #6.

Adding to the list of fabulous surprise dinners across the east, Secret Foodies hit again, this time for a long boozy lunch. Located on Bondi Road, The Corner House opened earlier this year and has become a popular hub for Bondi locals. Our Foodies traveled near and far for the occasion. For some it was a 100m stroll from their front door, for others a rare trip across the bridge.

An intimate affair, our guests were met with proseco on arrival and a very warm welcome from knowledgeable staff Toby and Caroline.

We took our seats and the drinks kept flowing with bottles of Higher Plane SSB and Jamsheed Syrah to wet our appetite. It wasn’t long before Head Chef Brent Mills and his team began sending out a delicious feast starting with anti pasti plates and freshly baked bread with chilli oil.

Manager Dan gave us the low down on this reincarnate of one-time tram stop and now iconic building. If we thought the wine was great, then so it should be, owner Anthony Kaplan is also responsible for The Shop & Wine Bar and travels the globe sourcing quality drops.

Living up to their reputation for simple, fresh delicious pizzas our Foodies sampled all five of the signature toppings on the chalkboard menu:

Ben Buckler-Prawns, white anchovies, tomato passata, provolne cheese, lemon, parsley, olive oil.

2 Olive Trees & a Pig- Spicy salami, provolone cheese, kalamata olives dressed with chilli oil.

Daniella- Provolone cheese, asparagus, shaved parmesan, truffle oil and crispy pancetta.

Gonzo- Sauteed Swiss browns, button mushrooms, fontina cheese, torn oyster mushrooms, roasted garlic & thyme dressing.

Rita & Marg- Tomato passata, provolone cheese, torn buffalo mozzarella, basil and olive oil.

A hard decision picking my favourite but I think the Gonzo was the winner for me.

Already pushing the fullness zone, our mains arrived and did not disappoint. My favourite dish was the braised beef cheek ragu served with wild beets, potato Gnocchi finished with horse radish cream. Followed closely by the Pumpkin and ricotta rotolo, served with a sage, walnut & burnt butter sauce. Steamed greens were the perfect accompaniment.

I walk away from the table for 10 minutes and in that space Tiramisu is presented and swiftly eaten for desert. If that’s not a good indication I’m not sure what it is! Luckily for our foodie friends reading this, the chef whipped me up another plate…for photographing purposes only of course!

After desert we headed up stairs to the Living Room where Barman James gave us a cocktail master class, teaching us the tricks of the trade, the perfect shaking and stirring technique and of course tasters to prove their worthy of gracing the menu.

Come 5.30pm and a very long boozy lunch indeed it was time to say our goodbyes and recover with a nana nap (ok maybe that was just me). I think The Corner House to be the perfect spot for a long lunch with friends. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, the food fresh, the wine list commendable and cocktails worth spending a night with.

But enough about what I thought, let’s hear what our foodies have to say!

xxMs Darlinghurst
  1. What a lunch! I couldn’t fault any dish that was placed in front of me, in fact it was all very delicious – too delicious (I am still trying to exercise off the generous portions). I loved the mushroom as well as the prawn and anchovy pizza, the pumpkin and sage rotolo was incredible… to top it off desert seemed to be a hit amongst everyone as every plate was scraped clean… and then cocktails on the balcony as the sun fell over Bondi was a perfect way to digest it all. I particularly loved the proseco and the red wine. I have been here a few times but really enjoyed the company and getting to try so much off the menu. I will definitely return.
  2. TishDish
    For a person that rarely travels more than 10km from where I live to go out to eat, coming to Bondi was a real treat! The ambiance was cozy, food & wine tremendous, service understatedly efficient and the company sparkling…we even tried to write a song based on snippets of conversation.
    Gastronomically speaking, my standouts were 2 olive trees & a pig pizza as well the sublime homemade gnocchi with the braised beef cheeks. If I weren’t in polite company, I would have licked that plate clean!
    Upstairs in the Living Room, the tequila based cocktail Cat’s Eye was my clear favourite. Nice to see Tequila making a comeback…
    Will definitely be back and drag along my little munchkin who has developed a taste for pancetta and would definitely gobble down the Daniella pizza in a heartbeat!
  3. awesome awesome awesome…
    REALLY. From wines to cocktails, quirky dishes to beautifully executed sweets…it was a culinary delight..!
    Upstairs cocktails with relaxed well fed friendly folk. Awesome.
    What a way to spend an afternoon. We felt like royalty.
    Awesome. Thank-you!
The Corner House