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Zeus Street Greek

You don't eat no meat? That's ok, we make lamb! And Greek salad, and spanakopita and taramasalata and…the feast goes on.

It wouldn't have been Big Fat Greek Feast without everyone loosening a top button at the end of the meal. Secret Foodies popped up at the new Saporium collective in Rosebery, the home to many great producers and grocers. It’s also the home of Zeus Streek Greak, a popular restaurant that was started by a group of Greek mates wanting to bring Greek street food style dining to Australia. From what started as one humble restaurant in Drummoyne quickly grew and they now have several restaurants across Sydney, this being their latest venture.

We started our evening in the foyer of Saporium with bubbles and beers before taking our seats outside around communal, share style tables. The feast began with a trio of signature dips including Spicy Feta, Beetroot Hummus and Taramasalata served with warm pita bread.
Bottles of Taylors Vermentino and a Bordeaux blend were on each table for people to pour and pass between their new found foodie friends. Then it was on to mains. Slow cooked lamb, pork and chicken came straight off the coals and were served with more warm pita bread. Sides including an Aegean slaw, green bean salad topped with feta and a Greek salad were also placed on the table. As were boards of warm, soft haloumi and spanakopita.
The table itself had disappeared and been covered in a multitude of colours, flavours and textures. With the sound of glasses clinking and the odd Opa in the background it was clear everyone was having a fun evening.
Just as people were starting to think they couldn’t possibly manage another bite, dessert was served. Boards of delicious homemade loukoumades were placed before our eyes. The popular Greek sweet is made up of balls of dough deep-fried until golden then drizzled with honey and cinnamon. They’re served fresh and warm. Zeus offered the traditional honey loukoumades but also put a twist on a classic serving two additional flavours- chocolate and salted caramel.

With a number of Greeks in the crowd we had some tough critics on our hands but even the Greekest of the Greeks enjoyed the food and the evening. Opa! 
Zeus Street Greek
2/34 Morley Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018
02 8315 5610

One of our favourite dishes from the evening was the beetroot and hummus dip. You can see the recipe for yourself here.
Zeus Street Greek