Secret Foodies ends 2013 with a bang! Once again we teamed up with Piper Heidsieck Champagne and hosted an event like none other at Claires Kitchen at Le Salon. Guests arrived dressed in period style ensembles and were greeted on the red carpet by an eccentric ‘French lady’ and Ms Darlinghurst herself wearing full wig and costume.

Upon entry guests received a glass of champagne as they took in the surrounds of pure decadence. A sweet treats table in the centre of the room had guests feeling as indulgent as Marie Antoinette. French canapés circulated the room while a game of  black jack was in full swing. Things started to get a little heated with 50c coins flying across the table. The night wouldn’t be complete without our very own Marie Antoinette keeping us entertained.  She charmed her way around the room and sung songs with fire and finesse. Tunes played in the background as guests chatted and mingled making new friends and capturing the moment in the photo booth. Canapés included Beef Brochette with Bernaise Sauce and Lamb Cutlets on Ratatouille with pesto. A big highlight of the evening was watching Ms Darlinghurst pour the champagne tower. Despite shaky hands and heightened nerves there were zero spillages and plenty of cheers as golden bubbles flowed from Piper Heidsieck magnums filling six levels of Champagne saucers. After more dancing and eating we listened to Marc Cuzma, the head Chef of Claires Kitchen at Le Salon talk about the inspiration behind his food. Following the wise words of Marie Antoinette “let them eat cake” we ended the night with dessert canapés and a giant Croquembouche! Party Like It’s 1785 will go down as one of Secret Foodies best. The atmosphere of the night, the roars of laughter, sweet treats, French canapés and flowing champagne meant there was never a dull moment to be had.