Having an Italian background, Danny specialises in Italian cuisine, reworking classic recipes to create those traditional flavours mixed with modern style.  He has worked all across Europe in major cities such as Rome, London and Marseilles as well as in his home country, Australia.  Russo has been featured in multiple publications such as The New York Times, Sydney Morning Herald, Vogue Entertaining + Travel, just to name a few.

Danny has a boutique food service consultancy, Russolini, where he has been creating tailored food service projects and services.  He is back in the kitchen at Sala, ready to bring us innovative contemporary Italian food that will keep us coming back for more!

Where does your passion for food come from?

Definitely, from the celebration of food from my earliest years and upbringing.  Good food was always at the heart of every family gathering.  I learned from the best – my mum!

Best childhood foodie memory?

Learning the intricacies of making fresh pasta with my mum at an age when I couldn’t even see over the kitchen table.

Favourite city you have worked in and why?

London, because it’s a real cosmopolitan hub with some of the world’s best produce at your doorstep

What inspired you to head Sala after over ten years off?

I was inspired to contribute to the Sydney dining scene in a more personal way than consulting allowed me to do.   I am fortunate to still love what I started doing more than 30 years ago and wanted to continue the culinary evolution.

What is your favourite dish to make and why?

The squid ink tortellini because it’s the quintessential Italian dish – it’s sexy, bold, rich in flavour and it tastes bloody delicious.

What are your goals for Sala, where do you want to take it?

I want Sala to be that special dining venue where you sit down for your meal and are comfortable enough to never want to leave – your go-to, feel-good, happy place.

If I wanted to get the perfect meal at Sala, what am I ordering?

Anything on the menu!

Where do you love to EAT in Sydney?


Where would you have a DRINK in Sydney?

Dean & Nancy on 22 – they make an amazing Negroni

When you’re not busy cooking, where do you like to PLAY in Sydney?

I stay local – in the inner west, start the day with a coffee @ Bertoni’s in Balmain, then my day starts


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