Satyam Narang “Sammy”

Satyam Narang, affectionately known as “Sammy,” is the Head Chef at Luc-San and mastermind behind some of our favourite French- Japanese dishes. His culinary journey began in his formative years, surrounded by the art of cooking, which swiftly evolved into a passion. After honing his skills under the tutelage of renowned chefs across Sydney, Sammy found his culinary home at Luke’s Kitchen in the Kimpton Margot Hotel in Sydney’s CBD. It was here, under the mentorship of Luke Mangan, that he cultivated a penchant for culinary and flavour exploration, ultimately assuming the role of Head Chef at Mangan’s latest venture, Luc-San.

How would you describe your style of food?

My style of food revolves around utilising the best produce and combining modern techniques and traditional techniques to get the best flavour profiles in dishes.

Why did you decide to become a chef?

Growing up, I always watched people cook.  Witnessing the joy food brings to people fuelled my passion. One vivid memory is helping at a charity event managed by my late grandfather. It wasn’t fancy cuisine, but hearty, large-scale cooking fuelled by pure heart. Men and women, everyone united in the goal of feeding ten thousand in a single afternoon. The tireless dedication in that kitchen lit a fire within me – I had to become a chef.

My culinary journey began with Indian and continental flavours, before taking on my favourite cuisine, French. I then learnt Japanese from working alongside some incredible Japanese chefs and now I get to combine the two together to craft unique dishes at Luc-San.

What are your top three ingredients you can’t live without?

I definitely cannot live without olive oil, wasabi and chilli.

What are your goals at Luc-San–where do you want to take it?

Luc-San is the first restaurant where my role as a Head Chef gives me an opportunity to become a trend setter, to discover new techniques and trends whilst maintaining and focusing on the deep flavours of a dish.

Other than Luc-San, what’s your favourite restaurant in Sydney?

Outside of work, Chicken V (Korean) and El Jannah (Lebanese) hold a special place in my heart. As a chef, once you’ve finished work you’re always happy with a quick bite to eat and not to cook, and I really appreciate a variety of global flavours.

What is a moment in your career that you can pinpoint as a moment that changed you as a chef?

The moment when I came to Australia and pursued a degree in a French culinary college. It was there that I found a great passion for the industry, and was presented with exciting opportunities very early on. I was given the opportunity to open a restaurant with a college teacher and it instilled in me a profound sense of confidence and adaptability, and showed me how versatile and opportunistic things can be in Australian kitchens.

What’s your favourite thing to eat?

There’s a few but Korean fried chicken, anytime of the day. And butter chicken, oysters & wagyu steaks.

Drink of choice?

I love a margarita, especially the Luc-San Yuzu & Chilli Margarita.

What do you do for play when you’re not working?

When I’m not in the kitchen, I enjoy exercising at the gym, swimming, and snorkelling.

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