Take a step back in time to an era of economic prosperity, glitz and glamour!

Celebrating everything 1920s glitz and glamour, our 1920s Spring Soiree event was held at Sir Stamford Hotel in Circular Quay. Situated in the heart of the CBD, Sir Stamford’s large private collection of fine art, antiques, open fireplaces and crystal chandeliers made it the ideal setting for the event, as we took a step back in time.

At 5pm, Secret Foodies guests were sent an SMS with the ‘secret meeting location’ for the evening. Greeted by hotel staff in the lobby, guests were encouraged to take the lift up to Level 5, where the first surprise of the night awaited.

Stepping through the lift doors, guests were greeted by Ms Darlinghurst, Aka Alex Adams, and guided to Sir Stamford’s exclusive rooftop space. Typically only available to hotel guests, the rooftop came alive as bobby jazz tunes played in the background and guests mingled, quickly exchanging names with fellow foodies.

The first drink of the night was a St Germain Spritz. Made using St Germain liquor, Martini Prosecco, soda water and edible flowers, it made for an exceptionally delicious and easy drinking cocktail. The perfect spring beverage. To accompany this, guests were offered margarita and Bloody Mary oyster shots and the ultimate crowd pleaser – mushroom and truffle arancini with saffron aioli.

With taste buds tantalized, it was time for everyone to make their way to the next secret location. In their tassled dresses, suits and bow ties, guests were ushered back through the hallway and down to Level 1.

In the lift, groups excitedly wondered where they were going. Back in the lobby, guests travelled through a grand set of doors, to find the main dining room. Here, lively jazz tunes played, tables set with ostrich feathers and Secret Foodies’ gold masks.

Before the first dish could appear, a glass of G.H Mumm Champagne arrived.

Still sipping on their glass of bubbles, it was time for entrées. The Champagne made for the perfect accompaniment to the pork belly with spinach puree, roast apple and shitake mushroom. It was not only a decadent dish, but utterly delicious.

As the last mouthfuls were consumed it was time for the next round of drinks. Circulating around the room were bottles of Babydoll Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, NZ and Ingram Road Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley.

With a fresh drink in hand, it was time for mains. On the menu, roasted salmon fillet with carrot and cumin puree, sugar snaps and a light fennel salad. The party was in full swing, as everyone tucked into the well cooked salmon, mopping up the last of the subtly sweet, spiced sauce.

Stomachs expanding, it was time for guests to mull over another glass of wine.

Thinking that dessert would next be served in the main dining room, Ms Darlinghurst stood before the crowd to say that there would be one more room change for the night. They were lured towards a secret back door, before walking through a non-descript hallway, the sound of a piano trickling out the room ahead.

Guests ‘wowed’ collectively as they entered Sir Stamford’s main bar area, a vivacious lady playing jazz tunes on the piano. The room itself as filled with regal lounge chairs and a large mahogany bar. Everything about the space exuded luxe.

Here, dessert canapés were next served. There was everything from miniature dark chocolate mousse cups to raspberry yoghurt domes and macarons. Served with a glass of La Giosia Moscato, this pairing made for the perfect end to a decadent night.

Sir Stamford Circular Quay crafted a Secret Foodies menu that will no doubt inspire guests to pay a visit to this regal hotel for some delicious food and wine, or perhaps even a mini stay-cation!

Check out photos from the event here.

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Sir Stamford Circular Quay
93 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000
02 9252 4600