One glorious afternoon, three of our favourite venues, three unique cuisines complete with free-flowing wines and a bunch of eager foodies. These were the ingredients that created our perfect globe-trotting progressive feast.

As all our Secret Foodies do, our Progression Feast began at 11:00AM with our adventurous foodies receiving a text message revealing the location of the first stop on our progressive dining experience, INDU Dining. INDU is a celebration of southern Indian and Sri Lankan village culture, flavours and hospitality and guests experienced all of this and more.

Hidden away on Angel Place in the CBD, our guests entered this subterranean dining room and were transported to the colourful streets of India. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Secret Foodies event without a cocktail on arrival, and this event kicked off with INDU’s signature gin and tonic, made a vibrant purple colour with butterfly pea syrup.

Each guest was then treated to a tasting platter of some of INDU’s best entrees which included Besan fritters with cardamom aioli, Kiribath with ginger chutney and seeni sambol, Fried string hoppers with devilled prawn and Kachori with puffed rice, beetroot, mint chutney and tamarind. All of these delicious bites were paired perfectly with a glass of Yarra Valley’s De Bortoli Brut Sparkling.

With our taste buds ignited, it was time to head off to the next location on our culinary adventure. Phones buzzed with a new text message, “Your next destination is a short walk away. Please make your way to Mejico by 2pm.” As guests began to depart our first venue, the team at Mejico started preparing their signature Margaritas for arrival (the first and most important step to any great Mexican fiesta).

Once all the guests had arrived it was time for our mains and the team at Mejico really bought it to the table with their spit-roasted porchetta served with rhubarb salsa and mole negro and a side of patatas bravas with chipotle mayo. Guests then enjoyed either a Sidewood Pinot Gris from the Adelaide Hills or Le Chat Pinot Noir from France.

Before too long it was time for the final destination on our progressive feast which was revealed to our guests once again via text message as Sydney’s rebellious Japanese Izakaya Kid Kyoto. As guests made their way down Bridge Lane and into the hidden venue though the electric blue entryway they were greeted with the venue’s famous Yama Yama cocktail made from sake, lemon and yuzu juice, cucumber syrup and a black salt rim.

While the bar was set very high from the mouth-watering dishes at INDU and Mejico, guests were not disappointed by their third and final course, which was not one but two desserts. Matcha mochi cakes and a crowd favourite, burned banana ice cream, miso crumb and black sesame clusters which were paired with a glass of Umeshu (a Japanese fruit liqueur). A fantastic end to a delicious afternoon exploring some of Sydney’s best venues and taking our foodie’s taste buds on a culinary journey through the globe.

Check out the Kid Kyoto’s menu here, Mejico’s here and INDU’s here.

Take a look at the event video by clicking below and see all of the images here.