It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas (in July), and all I want for Christmas is you…er, I mean, a Christmas feast in a ski cabin without leaving Sydney. Well, your wish is Secret Foodies’ command. We took over Sweethearts Rooftop BBQ and their Winter Apres Ski Cabin for our annual Christmas in July dinner.

Short of snow, every Christmassy flourish was there en masse; festive jumpers, crackers, Kris Kringle, presents, Christmas trees, elf ears and good food in abundance. Over fifty diners were there to share Christmas in July with us, and dare we say it rivalled Christmas in December.

The shared entrée platter for the table was a huge treat; Chicken Parfait, winter chutney, fire roasted chicken, chili, cured meats, grilled vegetables, pickled cabbage slaw, olives, feta stuffed mushrooms & grilled breads.

Waiting for the mains was like waiting until after lunch to open the presents on Christmas morning, but it was worth the wait. Both the Farmhouse Chicken and BBQ Pork were a hit.

The highlight was the dessert, according to everyone (the elves did a survey), proving that Christmas pudding doesn’t go astray at any time of the year!

Huge thanks must go to the elves…er, chefs, for making our Christmas dinner wishes come true even though Santa is still in hibernation.