To celebrate the lives of those who’ve passed, Secret Foodies hosted a Day Of The Dead Party at Contrabando Sydney. The food was tasty, cocktails flowed and the dancing went on into the night.

Contrabando Sydney is a Mexican street-style restaurant that sits on Bent Street in the CBD. The entry is masked with street art, graffiti and a descreet print out of the menu on the wall. Head down the stairs and be greeted by a vibrant Mexican mural spanning the width of the restaurant, triangle Mexican festive banners as well as decorations on each table.

Festive music welcomed guests as they arrived and many were quick to make their way to the Day Of The Dead inspired face painting table. Guests were painted with skulls and cob webs, some had vibrant colours and others were black and white. Then out came the Margaritas, with a kick of tequila, Cointreau, lime and sea salt.

Secret Foodies hostess-with-the-mostess Alex Adams, was actually in Mexico at the time so guests were welcomed by the effervescent Ellie Waterhouse. With a quick welcome, guests took their seats and the mariachi band arrived to begin an evening of Mexican festivities.

The eight course degustation of Mexican style street food, started with freshly whipped guacamole, pico de galo and tostadas. A light appetiser before many courses of flavours. Next, the crowd pleasing chargrilled corn arrived, piled high with with queso fresco, lime and coriander. The creamy and cheesy queso fresco, was well balanced out by a few pinches of spices and the acidity of the lime.

Wagyu beef cheek quesadilla’s were served up next with chimmichurri, aji chilli, adobo viaigrette and served with a schmear of sumuc yoghurt. Then a round of crispy fish tacos with tomatillo, ‘slaw and salsa criola, were shared amongst guests. The were paired nicely with any of the mexican themed cocktails at the bar.

The Secret Foodies host Ellie, invited up Head Chef and Owner Peter Varvaressos to speak about his favourite dishes and where he gained his inspiration. Peter spoke briefly about how his Greek roots and his love for Mexican food, led him to opening Contrabando. He also mentioned that he owns Barrafina upstairs and the newly opened Wolf Bar on Bligh Street.

Up next were popcorn chicken tacos with queso fresco, Korean hot sauce, coriander and carrot ‘slaw. Followed by delicious braised beef ribs, Guajillog glaze, lime crema and pickled jalapeno. These were complimented by share platters of matchstick fries dressed with coriander chilli salt and chipotle mayonaise.

To finish the eight courses, everyone enjoyed a Contrabando specialty… the churros ice cream sandwich. A churros sandwich filled with freshly made salted dulce de leche ice cream and cinnamon sugar.

As guests finished licking their fingers from the churros sandwich, the band started pumping. The Mariachi Band brought live upbeat Mexican music to the streets of Sydney. Everyone was up out of their seats and dancing the night away…

Thank you to everyone who attended the event. It was great to see the excellent effort made to dress up, with almost everyone will a fully painted face. For all the images click here.