For those who dared to dine, a unique evening of dark mystery and devilishly good food awaited.

As one of our most popular events of 2019, we decided to turn our Diner en Noir Black Tie Halloween Dinner into an annual event. With this year’s Halloween falling on a Saturday, our guests were encouraged to go all-out with the theme as they entered a world of glamour and horror. 

Our venue was revealed to our guests at 5pm (via text message) to be one of the Sydney CBD’s newest dining destinations, Firegrill. This decadent and glamorous restaurant was the perfect location for the 2020 edition of Diner en Noir.  

At 7:00pm the restaurant’s courtyard was filled with creatures of the night dressed in their finest black-tie attire. As walking dead skeletons in tuxedos, bloody brides and zombies made their way up our red carpet, they were welcomed by our vampire lady enchanting them with a fire performance.

As fire was twirled, guests were also bewitched by a contortion performance where our contortionist bent and twisted her body into strange and unusual positions. 

Guests were escorted into the luxurious restaurant where the elegant interiors of dark timbers, quartz, leather and three-meter tall chandeliers were complemented by tables of black candles and red and black roses by local florist Settle Petal. Our foodies were immediately greeted with our first sinful beverage of the night, a Grain and Cane cocktail with The Glenlivet founders reserve 12YO, raspberries, lemon and balsamic.

The team at Firegrill curated a special noir-inspired menu incorporating numerous black ingredients starting with charcoal sourdough, cultured butter and cream of potato with truffle oil. 

As our guests settled in the chefs prepared our starter of freshly sucked Lemon Tree Passage Oysters with noir chardonnay mignonette granita, orange and lemon. This was perfectly paired with a glass of the fresh and fruity Canti Prosecco. 

It was now time for wines and Kings of Prohibition Shiraz and Chardonnay were poured throughout the night and were the perfect complement of our next two dishes.

Entrées featured seared scallops turned black with squid-ink and cauliflower puree, boudin noir, chive and bull’s blood leaves. Plus, how could we forget our show-stopping main, an Angus tenderloin from Upper Hunter NSW served with pumpkin and mustard puree, potato dauphinoise and red wine jus.

No decedent and dark evening is complete without a 53% dark chocolate ganache cacao nibs, sea salt, black sesame tuile and poached kumquat. This was made even more sinful with our final drink of the evening, a Mr Black Espresso Martini with espresso and quince. 

As the night came to a close it was time to decide on the best-dressed prizes, which was no small feat, with so many hair raising and spine-tingling outfits to choose from. 

Until next year foodies, stay wicked.

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