Secret Foodies Organic themed dinner at the Hotel Centennial

This Secret Foodies event was all about getting to know our food and drink. Breaking everything down to its unadultered forms and basking in all its natural organic glory!

Hotel Centennial opened their doors to 32 secret foodies quick enough to secure a ticket. Seated around a stunning long table our guests were treated to a night of organic decadence with a menu created by Head chef Justin North and his team.

We started the night with Organic Spring Bay mussels with deviled spices ginger and curry leaf. The combination of raw garnishes and condiments led perfectly into the first drink of the evening. FAIR Quinoa Vodka, Regal Rouge Bianco, lemon aspen and bitters a great introduction into sustainable organic drinking!

A vegetable salad with Holy Goat Brigids Well goats’ cheese, organic Ovvio French Earl grey dressing made the eyes of all the tea lovers amongst us light up.

The perfect matching for the Earl grey dressed salad was Ovvio Organics autumn apple iced tea. The cinnamon flavour was really strong and not for everyone but did show the versatility of mocktails!

Our hero dish for the night was organic saltbush lamb. Modern Australian Bush Tucker at its finest. The lamb was accompanied by potato puree, mac n cheese (amazing!) and roast sprouts with bacon.

To cap off the dinner our dessert Flavours of Tiramisu contained reduced milk, organic coffee ice cream and FAIR Café Liquer. This was matched of 2011 Battle of Bosworth ‘Clarence’, Mclaren Vale SA.

Towards the end of the evening, Justin took the time to share his passion behind the evening’s meal. He shared a few insider tips on where to buy organic produce and some of his favourite suppliers.

Set in a beautiful room with flavoursome food and thoughtful drink pairings this was one fine event. We can’t wait to come back and try the high tea, we hear it’s very special.

Organic Way Menu

Organic Spring Bay mussels with deviled spices, ginger & curry leaf
FAIR Quinoa Vodka, Regal Rouge Bianco, lemon aspen, bittersOrganic vegetable salad – Holy Goat Brigids Well goats’ cheese, organic Ovvio French Earl grey dressing
Ovvio Organics autumn apple iced tea Organic chicken

Slow cooked breast, salad of confit leg, kale & grape salad
2013 Byrne Chardonnay

Organic saltbush lamb served with sides of potato puree, mac n cheese, roast sprouts & bacon
2012 Lethbridge Pinot Noir

Flavours of tiramisu – reduced milk & organic coffee ice cream, FAIR Café Liqueur
2011 Battle of Bosworth ‘Clarence’, Mclaren Vale SA

Hotel Centennial
88 Oxford Street Woollahra NSW 2025
02 9362 3838