Secret Foodies strapped on their backpacks and explorer boots, got out their maps and ventured out of their comfort zone to Canterbury. It’s a suburb certainly out of our normal secret dining locations but we believe that good food is worth travelling for and thankfully, so did our guests!

After only minimal bush-bashing and with the help of Google Maps, we found our way safely to the Pazar Food Collective.

We were welcomed in out of the cold with open arms by owner Attila Yalmez. We’ve met Attila before, he’s been out comprdre and caterer for the past two Day of the Dead events we’ve hosted sharing authentic Mexican cuisine out of is Al Carbon food truck.

Pazar was formerly a Mexican-focused restaurant called La Lupita, which had a cult following so strong that people travelled from all over Sydney to visit. Now, Pazar focuses on wood-fired Mexican and Middle Eastern cuisine, prizing flavour about fanciness and serving every dish with heartfelt dedication.

The Grand Bazaar dinner was an impressive seven courses with fifteen different dishes, showcasing the diversity that Yalmez so prizes in his dishes. The banquet kicked off with a trio of dips, Haydari, Roasted Beetroot with Cumin and Smoky Eggplant, and continued with Pastirma Turkish Pickles, Braised Leeks with Olive Oil and Lemon. The wonderful feast moved on to Zucchini Herb Balls (a total crowd pleaser), ‘Lady Fingers’ and Braised Eggplant, before stopping for a quick palate cleanser with the Shepherd’s Salad.

The meal then went full steam ahead with Wood Roasted Lamb Firin Kebab and Harissa Wood Roasted Chicken. Then, Lahmacun Spiced Beef Pizza and two types of pide: Spinach Herbs & Feta and Spicy Turkish Sausage.

It was around this time people began undoing their top buttons and saying “no more!” With food this good everyone’s eyes were bigger than their bellies. But in true form, dessert is something you can always make room for and the rosewater and pistachio muhallebi was worth it.

The culinary adventure was at an end, the diners were happy and Secret Foodies had triumphed on foreign soil. We can’t recommend Pazar Food Collective enough. It’s cheap and cheerful, casual fun with the most robust flavours and full-of-soul food. The service is super friendly and you can BYO wine or oder some of theirs. We’ll be back!