For those of you in the know, Secret Garden Festival is a yearly party held on a dairy farm an hour out of Sydney. This year, Secret Foodies popped up at the festival with a special lunchtime banquet held at a secret location on the farm. Costumed partygoers were advised to meet at the signpost before being lead through a hidden entrance in the bushes to the farm’s heritage-listed barn-house.

Guests were greeted with Ketel One summer cocktails and live music before taking their seats at the long communal table. Wine and conversation flowed but chatter slowed to an appreciative din as soon as the food began being served. Al Carbon catered the fantastic rustic feast, with a menu featuring slow cook kleftiko (stolen lamb) and herbed chicken with tzatziki and lemon roasted potatoes, fresh country salad, rocket salad with parmesan, pear and walnut and rustic breads. The meal ended on a warm and sweet high note, with dessert being a fantastic home-baked apple pie, served with vanilla ice-cream.