A progressive dining experience within the award winning Sushi E.

It was an evening of class, sophistication and award winning cuisine at Secret Foodies Tokyo High Life event.

Guests arrived at level 4 of the Establishment building on George Street and were taken to the outside courtyard where they enjoyed cocktails signature snapper sashimi and tuna ceviche canape spoons.

They were then taken through Hemmesphere to Sushi E the one hatted restaurant run by head chef Nobuyuki Ura known respectfully as Ura-san and his team. Sushi E is a striking example of modern Japanese expression. A giant marble bar encloses Ura-san and his team of sushi aficionados giving diners the chance to watch the art sushi making up close. It’s culinary voyeurism at its finest.

Hot miso was served before the next course. Guests had the choice of soft shell crab or tempura vegetable san choy bow. This twist on a classic dish was well received with many claiming it was their favourite dish of the evening.

The next course called for some audience participation. We snuck 6 pieces of paper under the plates of randomly chosen guests and those who were lucky enough to find their “golden ticket” where invited into the kitchen. Ura-san demonstrated the proper technique for searing atlantic salmon and once the demonstration was done they rolled up their sleeves and prepared our next course of seared atlantic salmon rolls. Not many people can say they have prepared food in a hatted restaurant!

Sizzling hot plates of beef toban yaki came out next along with barramundi served with rice. There were no hungry eyes in sight after these main dishes and there was concern guests might not have room for dessert. But it’s amazing what the stomach can handle, especially when espresso martinis are involved.

For the last stop on our progressive dining experience we retired to the lounge area in Hemmesphere for espresso martinis and Russian creams. Some stuck around to enjoy some whisky and all seemed to have made at least one new foodie friend by the end of the evening.

Sushi E is open for lunch Mon-Fri 12-3pm and dinner Mon-Sat 6-10.30pm

Leve 4 252 George St, Sydney
02 9240 3000