When Capone walked the streets it was dangerous times full of stiff drinks and bad ideas. Secret Foodies transported our guests back in time to a place where the dames drank martinis and the talk was cheap.

The location for this throw back was the highly suitable Victoria Room in Darlinghurst. With it’s new refurb the decor pays homage to an era gone-by and an atmosphere fitting for Capone himself.

Dangerous times call for stiff drinks and sweet remedies. The Boulevadier, made with Bulleit Rye Whiskey, house Sweet Vermouth, Campari, garnished with an orange zest and served in an old fashioned glass was our first cocktail of the evening.

To compliment the cocktails, canapés were served including bresaola crostini, eggs with apple and avruga as well as bourbon glazed pork belly. It’s a known fact that pork belly is the meat of the gods, add a bourbon glaze and something truly special happens.

The White Lady was upon us! A specialty cocktail with Tanqueray Gin, Cointreau, a squeeze of lemon and a dash of sugar and egg white, garnished with burnt bitters and served in a chilled coupette. The signature cocktail ushered un into the sit down portion of the night.

Giardinera, an Italian style platter of pickled vegetables and bread awaited the guests at their tables. Beautifully selected options make it hard not to gorge oneself and ruin their appetite. Luckily mains came out before we could go overboard! The slow roast lamb shoulder with borlotti beans was the best reward for not overdoing the entrees, perfectly cooked, and perfectly suited to the evening.

The lamb was matched with the Eastside. Victoria Room mixes Ketel One Citroen with muddled cucumber topped with soda, lime, sugar and mint. Garnished with a single mint leaf in a champagne flute because gangsters expect nothing but the best.

We didn’t forget the vegetarians, who enjoyed the ricotta gnocchi with walnut, sage and burnt butter. It’s rare for a meat eater to say this but the burnt butter coupled with home made gnocchi and ricotta was as good as the lamb!

Sides included baked fennel, onions and cavalo nero which is known as the Italian Kale. Pear and raddichio salad cut the heavy flavours of the lamb and gnocchi perfectly acting as a palate cleanser between bites.

Of course we wouldn’t forget to tell you about the dessert, an orange custard with whiskey caramel, freeze dried orange and vermouth. The sweet and acidic in the custard was paired with a Milk Punch, Bundy Small Batch Rum, Baileys , orange & vanilla bean syrup, milk, garnished with nutmeg, a smoked cinnamon quill and served in a wine glass.

Guests really got into character using the smoking cinnamon quills as fake cigars. How very ganster of them!

For the recipes of the cocktails, CLICK HERE